Sustainable Nutrition at School

What we eat affects us: this is particularly true for adolescents. Who has to stay focussed and study diligently all day needs high-qualitative, balanced meals. In fact, everybody who wants to stay healthy does. Overweight, diabetes, inability to concentrate and stay focussed: tend increasingly to manifest themselves already during childhood. Against this background and given that pupils take up to 3 daily meals at school.  It is clear that schools have to take increasing responsibility not only for delivering healthy food to, but also  for instilling healthy eating habits in their pupils. They can do so in a number of ways, not at least by providing attractive, high-qualitative meals, drinks and snacks and pleasant surroundings where to enjoy them.
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Sustainability in professional cooking

In October 2010 we started a partnership project within the EU program Leonardo da Vinci. The aim of the partnership is to develop in collaboration between European educational institutions, special consultants and practitioners from gastronomy and tourism a concept for the implementation of sustainability goals as personal key skills of cooks in the education, training or as additional qualification "sustainability-trained cooks", analogous to the nutritionally trained cooks.

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Healthy School Snack

Development and testing of a counseling approach to improving the quality of school snacks and meals at secondary schools.
At 10 Austrian model schools in the counties school snacks and meals are being optimized w.r.t. nutritional-physiological considerations, ecological considerations (use of ecological and seasonal produce from local providers) and customer preferences. The experience with these 10 schools will serve as a basis for formulating a compact, general strategy for the counseling of school snack vendors and school meal providers, which takes into account and balances the needs and requirements of all stake-holders.

Concept and implementation: gutessen consulting
Project partner: gutessen consulting, Bundeselternverband, Bio Austria
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Gender and Sustaining Aspects in School Nutrition

Gender, in its social definition, is a relevant factor in shaping societal norms and thus carries relevance and meaning in the area of nutrition within the public domain, in food consumption within school and other public cafeterias. How gender affects nutritional decisions made for the public domain, in sustaining aspects of school diets within school and office cafeterias has never yet been examined in Austria.  This project would be a pioneer, the first of its kind in exploring these gender aspects within schools and after-school care giving programs.
The goal of the project is the:

  • Documentation of the current data available in the areas of gender, nutrition, sustaining nutritional habits and food programs in schools and after-school programs.
  • Analysis of the eating habits of teachers and students and its subsequent influence in the selection of food planning and their respective nutritional values at six selected schools.
  • Development of proposals regarding gender-related decisions and sustaining nutritional values for all students.

Concept and implementation: gutessen consulting, Knoll & Sazalai oeg; Sponsor: Federal Ministry of Agriculture, forestry, Environment and Water Management
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Sustainable Snacks and Meals at Universities

Sustainable food in universities is a relatively new topic in Austria, although the students and faculty members are in favour of organic meals.
On behalf of the ministry of agriculture, we conducted two pilot projects at „Universität Salzburg" and „Fachhochschule Joanneum, Graz".
According to a survey which was done in January 2008 students and faculty members are willing to pay more for high quality, organic food.

Concept and implementation: gutessen consulting
Sponsor: Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water ManagementMore information in German language

Sustainable Breakfast at Viennese Coffeehouses

Pilot Project to implement a sustainable breakfast offer with organic, regional and fair trade products at specific Viennese Coffeehouses. The goal is to establish the new product, to survey the guests' acceptance and furthermore to use the Viennese Coffeehouses - highly frequented social places -  to promote the idea of sustainable consumption.
According to a survey which was done in January 2008 in six traditional Viennese Coffeehouses almost 90 % of the interviewees appreciate a breakfast with regional, organic and fair traded food.

Concept and implementation: Austrian Society for Environment and Technology, gutessen consulting
Sponsor: City of Vienna, Bio Austria and several traditional Viennese Coffeehouses
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